Wednesday, March 11

Going Green & Saving Money: Light bulbs!

While strolling through Lowe's the other day (the Home & Garden, not the grocery store), I came across a clearance table of 60 watt replacement compact fluorescent twist light bulbs! These are the kind that are spiral shaped and fit into regular light bulb sockets. While these are normally fairly expensive ($1+ per bulb), these were marked down to $5.00 for a 6/pack and one pack was missing one bulb, so it was marked to $3.00. I snatched up a $5 pack and the $3 pack, so I got 11 fluorescent bulbs for $8! Yipee!

The reasons these bulbs are great, you ask?
1. The fluorescent bulbs last up to 7 years (8,000 hours), or about 10 times as long as a standard 750-hour bulb. If it takes as long as your house as it does at mine to get a burned-out light bulb changed (especially with high ceilings), you will appreciate how long these last!
2. On average, you can save $45 per bulb in energy costs (based on 12 cents per KWH). This is because though the bulbs replace the light output of a 60W bulb, they are using only 13W themselves.
3. If you are using less energy by using these bulbs and also replacing them less often, then you are conserving fossil fuels, and making less waste for landfills!

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