Thursday, May 21

Lowe's Foods Trip

Lowe's Foods 5/21:
+ 10 Kraft shredded cheese (8 oz. bags -- various flavors) -- on sale Buy 2, Get 3 FREE
+ 1 Banderita whole wheat tortillas -- on sale for $1.79
+ 1 Lowe's Foods frozen blackberries -- on sale 2/$4
+ 5 Kraft BBQ sauce (variety of flavors) -- on sale Buy 2, Get 3 FREE
+ 2 AI Marinade sauces (variety of flavors) -- on sale BOGO
+ 1 Ritz Crackers -- on sale 2/$5
+ 2 Wheat Thins whole wheat -- on sale BOGO
+ 3 Jello mixes (variety of flavors) -- on sale for $0.85/ea
+ 3 Valley Fresh white meat canned chicken -- on sale BOGO
+1 Hormel white meat canned chicken
- Coupons ($8.80)
+ Tax
=$32.33 out of pocket, $50.05 saved, 61% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.11
*Plus I earned back a $2.50 OYNO catalina for buying 5 Kraft BBQ sauces.

...but I goofed and somehow bought a Hormel canned chicken instead of a 4th Valley Fresh canned when I exchange that for the Valley Fresh, my new totals should be:

=$30.91 out of pocket, $51.88 saved, 63% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.07

...and they were also out of some Carolina Pride sausages that I was going to get a good deal on. I thought about getting a rain check, but since today was just day 1 of the sale, I think I'll just check back later this week when I return the can of Hormel chicken. :)

A couple of the good deals I got were (after all savings calculated in):
  • Kraft shredded cheese 8 oz. bags: $1.26/ea
  • A1 Marinades: $0.57/ea
  • Wheat Thins: $0.74/ea
  • Jello: $0.52/ea
And the best deal was...
  • Kraft BBQ sauce: I actually earned 20 cents towards my other items for buying the 5 bottles, plus I earned $2.50 off of my next order! So, in essence, I was paid $2.70 to buy 5 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce!!!

Over a month with no post...

...and I must say I haven't been as good without posting here to hold me accountable. I am definitely better than I used to be about spending, but still--the accountability really keeps me in check!

Hope to be getting back on track now! :)