Wednesday, March 11

Harris Teeter

We were out of grains and needed some more legumes to make DS's Super Porridge (recipe from the Super Baby Food Book) which he eats every morning for breakfast, so we made a quick run to HT tonight.

While there, we saw signs posted that HT milk was on sale for $2.47/gallon until March 17th and I picked up some $1.00/1 blinkie coupons for Bertolli pasta sauce pouches which are currently BOGO with a price tag of $3.29/ea (making them $1.29 for 2 after BOGO and 2 coupons). For comparison, each pouch is 13.5oz, so 2 pouches have one ounce more than one regular sized Ragu jar (1 lb. 10 oz.).

Harris Teeter 3/11:
+ 1 1-lb. bag of organic black eye peas
+ 1 1-lb. bag of organic french green lentils
+ 1 3-lb. bag of Mahatma whole grain brown rice
+ 4 Bertolli pasta sauce pouches
+ 1 gal. HT skim milk
- Coupons ($4.00 worth of $1.00/1 Bertolli blinkies)
+ Tax
=$12.24 out of pocket, $12.60 saved, 51% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.58

On the way to the car with our purchases, I studied the receipt (as always!) to see how we did--over 50% savings after walking into the store with NO COUPONS...not bad!--when I notice this offer at the bottom:

EVIC present your VIC card and receive $3 off HT Organic Ice Cream 1 Qt, thru 3/17/09. Limit 1 per household.

Though DH didn't really want to, I persuaded him that 1 qt. of ice cream couldn't cost *that much* and that this would probably be a good deal, so he reentered the store for a quick price check.

Here was his trip:

Harris Teeter "Run-In":
+ 1 qt. HT Organic chocolate ice cream ($4.99 VIC special marked to $3.99)
- Coupons (EVIC $3.00)
+ Tax
=$1.01 out of pocket, saved $4.00, 80% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.01

You can't beat $1.01 for a quart of ORGANIC ice cream!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with how we did considering this wasn't a planned trip and we left the house with 0 coupons! Oh, and I am definitely going back for more milk! I need to clean out some freezer space so I can actually freeze some for that price!

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