Thursday, February 26

Happy Mail Day!

Hip, hip, hooray! Guess what finally came in the mail today!?!? My Charlie Brown DVDs that I sent off for back in December courtesy of Bird's Eye Voila! I really thought I wouldn't get them since it had been so long.
Four came today, and hopefully 4 more are on their way. I got 2 You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown and 2 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I think the other ones that I sent off for are the Halloween Great Pumpkin one and the Christmas one. I really hope they come because those are my two favorites!!!
I also got some Huggies coupons (we don't use disposable diapers, but these will be great for coupon swaps/trains that I'm apart of), a free Gerber Oneida stainless educator's spoon that I forgot I even signed up for (this is awesome because I was thinking of buying one!), a 20% off Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon, and 4 weeks worth of coupons for BOGO Papa John's pizzas.
I love happy mail days! :)


Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

I love good mail days too!

Anonymous said...

I got one of those spoons for my daughter but remembered to late for my son.. :-(
did you order those movies? My daugther watched them at preschool.. and loves them..