Wednesday, March 11

Bzz Report: Palmolive Pure + Clear

A while back, I posted about being a Bzz Agent and what that means. To read about it, check out this post I wrote on CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain.

Just today I got my 2nd Bzz Kit in the mail! This one is awesome! I got a full-size bottle of the New Ultra Palmolive Pure + Clear to try out, along with several 0.51 fl. oz. samples to give out to friends and family, a stack of $1.00 off coupons, and info about a cool ChatThreads promotion to share with you! I am so excited!

While I obviously haven't had a chance yet to try out this product myself (but rest assured I will give you my honest opinions about it as soon as I do!), these are some of the reasons I'm so excited to try it:
1. It's free of unnecessary chemicals, heavy fragrances, and phosphates
2. It's biodegradable
3. It uses non-irritating dyes and is hypoallergenic
4. It comes in two scents -- Spring Fresh and Sparkling Fresh (my bottle and my samples are all Spring Fresh)
5. The cool looking bottle is made from 25-75% post-consumer recycled plastic
6. It's made here in America.
7. It's certified kosher.
8. It's concentrated.

So, here's some cool stuff for you!
1. If you are interested in trying a sample of Palmolive Pure + Clear and receiving a $1.00 coupon, just post a comment along with your email address. I'll send my address to the first 5 people so you can send me a SASE (or you can paypal me $$0.74--the cost of a stamp plus pp fees). As soon as I receive your envelope or your pp, your sample and coupon will be on their way to you!
2. For a chance to donate up to $5 to charity or to enter online to instantly win $100 gift certificates to and a grand prize drawing for a $1,000 gift certificate, visit ChatThreads and enter this Conversation ID: 01-256-439000

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post or comments about this product if you've already tried it, so comment away! Thanks!


kelly said...

I would like to try Palmolive Pure+Clear. My email is thanks!

skywalkerzmom said...

Thanks, Kelly! Your envelope is headed down to the mailbox now with your sample & coupon! Enjoy!

Everyone else, there are 4 giveaways still available! :)