Wednesday, March 11

Gift Cards for Prescription Drugs :)

A few weeks ago, I got a coupon from CVS for a $25 gift card with a new or transferred prescription. I got a new prescription for prenatal vitamins and had it filled at CVS. It should have been free with my insurance, but I had to pay $9. Not sure why, but hopefully we can still file it ourselves and get the $9 back. Regardless, I got the $25 gift card for the new prescription.

Tonight, I needed more vitamins because I was out and I had a few coupons from one of the recent Rite Aid flyers for a $25 gift card with a transferred prescription. So, I went in to Rite Aid, had them transfer my prescription from the CVS across the street, got my free prenatals and a $25 gift card.

So, in total, I got two months worth of prenatal vitamins for $9 (which might even get refunded) and I got $50 in free gift cards!

That's what I call SWEET!

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