Monday, February 23

Like to rent movies, but hate to spend big $$$

Then RedBox just might be the thrifty answer for you! You can find a RedBox in many grocery stores and sometimes even in Wal-Marts. They look like big, red vending machines for movies! The best part is that rentals are only $1/day.

You can check for a RedBox near you by visiting their website: You can browse what movies are available at the box or you can check online from home. You can even reserve a movie so that it is ready for pickup when you get to the box!

We rent movies from RedBox all the time. We'll never pay $5 to rent a movie again!

Sometimes RedBox sends out codes for a free movie rental. We've tried these a couple of times and they've never worked for us, but maybe you'll have better luck! Either way, $1 or free, this is the best way to rent movies!

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