Thursday, December 18

Target Thursday!

Target 12/18:
+ 1 head Green Giant fresh broccoli
+ 2 heads Green Giant fresh cauliflower
+ 2 Beggin' Strips dog treats 6 oz. ea
+ 2 Hefty trash bags 40 count ea.
- Coupons
+ Tax
=$12.90 out of pocket, $13.28 saved, 51% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.84
*Plus I got a store coupon print out for $1 off Tide.

I know I could save more money on trash bags by buying a cheaper brand, but we really love these bags. We've never had a split or a leak and they grip the top of the trashcan and never slide in like cheaper brands tend to do. Plus, after coupons, I got these for $4.64 and $5.64 a box, which is a really good price for these. So the trash bags were the majority of my out-of-pocket cost.

The broccoli and cauliflower cost $0.33 each after coupons and the beggin' strips cost $0.24 each after coupons!

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