Sunday, December 14

Keeping up with Coupons!

Eeeek! I feel like I have coupons all over my house (and all in the cars, too, for that matter)!

I use the binder system with plastic-sleeved-pocketed-pages and it works really well when I have time to sit down and file the coupons. My issue is that I have coupons coming in from all over, all the time--insert clippings, coupon, the mail, my mom, coupon trains, printed coupons, blinkies or tearpads I picked up at the store, etc. and I have trouble finding the time to get them all filed away on a regular basis. When the coupons aren't filed, it is really difficult to find THE ONE that I need for a particular sale.

Any ideas for how to deal with coupon overload?!?!?!

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