Tuesday, March 24

Earth Fare shopping trip

A few weeks ago, I posted about a super healthy breakfast you can make for your infant or toddler from the Super Baby Food Book. We needed some more grains and legumes for variety, so we headed to the bulk bins at Earth Fare last night.

Earth Fare 3/23:
+ 1 bottle .5-oz. Sweet Orange essential oil
+ 0.67 lb. organic pearled Barley
+ 0.77 lb organic Adzuki beans
+ 0.62 lb. organic raw Buckwheat
+ 0.23 lb. organic dark chocolate chips (okay, okay...these were for me!)
+ 0.54 lb. organic whole wheat French couscous
+ 1.05 lb. Supernatural granola (this was, too!)
+ 0.49 lb. organic Peruvian Quinoa
+ 0.84 lb. organic whole rye berries
+ 0.30 lb. nutritional yeast flakes
+ 1 large container whole milk plain yogurt (for DS and for starter)
+ 0.09 lb. organic kelp powder
+ 1.75 lb. organic Red Delicious apples (quantity: 4)
+ Tax
=$24.90 out of pocket, $0.85 saved, 0% savings

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