Wednesday, March 25

BzzReport: My review of Afrin PureSea

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I posted yesterday about receiving my 3rd BzzKit (and don't forget, there are still giveaways left!). I have to admit that even though I was excited about it, I was a little apprehensive, too. I have never tried a nasal rinse before. It is different than a nasal spray--which I have tried-- in that you hold your head tilted over a sink, press the applicator on the Afrin PureSea bottle, and let the fluid flow through the upper nostril and out the lower. Then repeat with the other side.

I will admit it did make me cough for a second and I could taste the salty water in my throat, but after the intial shock of it, I have to say that I really liked it. My nose feels fresh and clean. This is something I think I will really like because during winter and pregnancy, my nose gets SO dry and it bleeds all the time because of it. I think this rinse is just what I need because it is hydrating! I love that it is just natural sea water, too, so I don't have to worry about harming my unborn baby with chemicals or drugs when I use it.

Have YOU tried Afrin PureSea yet? What was your experience?

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