Wednesday, February 4

Quick Kroger Run

We were almost out of milk and also needed some meat for our spaghetti dinner tonight, so DH ran out to grab us a few things. He bought everything I had put on the list, but then felt compelled to add on a T-bone steak that ended up being about 50% of the total OOP cost. Without the steak, our total OOP would have been more like $7.42, making each item an average of only $0.62. Oh well.

I did send him with some awesome Kroger store coupons we had just gotten in the mail. We had a $7 store coupon that was our reward from the last points cycle, a $1/$4 fresh fruit coupon, and a $1 OYNO coupon. We also had a $2.50/3 Johnson's products that he used for the Buddies.

Kroger 2/4:
+ 1 gal. Kroger skim milk
+ 1 T-bone steak
+ 2 x 1.3-lb. ground turkey
+ 1 bag Kroger all purpose flour
+ 4 Gala apples
+ 1 bunch bananas
+ 3 Johnson's Buddies soaps
- Coupons
+ Tax
=$13.25 out of pocket, $14.22 saved, 52% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.02

Total left for this month: $437.26

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