Monday, February 2

Earning Extra Money: $100

As a SAHM, anytime you can earn extra money it really helps out! Some ways I've been trying to bring in extra money is by selling things we no longer need, want, or use on Craigslist (our garage is chock full of STUFF) or by selling cloth diapers we aren't using on diaperswappers (I way overbought in the beginning and now our house is overflowing with diapers!). I don't count cash earned or paypal funds in my monthly budget; instead we use that money to buy things we do need or want. It kind of makes up our "funny money" fund. And sometimes, too, I do deposit it into our bank account, and use it to pay down debt or put into one of our savings accounts.

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive an email about a research focus group to which I replied right away (it was from a reputable source, so I knew it was legitimate, plus my neighbors have been called for these several times). I was chosen to participate and I went last Thursday evening.

I was given a light dinner, then sat in a room with 9 other participants for 2 hours while we had a discussion and answered questions asked by the researcher. When I left, I was given a crisp $100 bill. Can't beat that!!!


Shannon said...

So, how do you sign up?

skywalkerzmom said...

I'm lucky in that there is a marketing research firm locally. I found out about it from my neighbors. All I had to do was go to their website and fill out information about myself. Then when there is a focus group, they know if I fit the bill for their topic, and call or email me to see if I'm interested in participating.

You might try googling "marketing research firm" and the name of your city and state to see if there are any near you! Good luck! :)