Sunday, February 8

I heart Cellfire @ Kroger

I forgot to load my cellfire coupons to my Kroger card online before I went for this trip, but I have internet on my cellphone and was able to add the coupons from my phone while sitting in the car in the parking lot. The screen said they would be ready to use in 10 minutes. I went into the store, did my shopping, and sure enough they worked when I checked out! Yipee!

Also, Kroger is running a great deal on cans of Hunt's Manwich this week. The cans are $0.88 and if you buy 10, then you get $3 off your order at checkout, making the cans $0.58 each. I had 5 x $0.50/2 coupons that doubled to $1.00 off of every 2 cans, making them $0.08 each.

Kroger 2/8:
+ 8 Cottonelle 4-pack single rolls (25 cent cellfire coupon)
+ 3 jars Ragu spaghetti sauce
+ 10 cans Hunt's Manwich (5 regular, 5 bold)
+ 1 Fiber Plus Yoplait yogurt multi-pack ($1 cellfire coupon)
+ 1 YoPlus yogurt multi-pack ($1 cellfire coupon)
+ 1 bunch organic bananas (2.40 lbs.)
+ 5 Anjou pears (3.23 lbs.)
+ 4 Sweet Potatoes (2.67 lbs.)
+ 1 3-lb. bag Organic Russet potatoes
+ 1 Johnson's Buddies soap bars
- Coupons
+ Tax
=$19.33 out of pocket, $24.70 saved, 57% savings Avg. cost per item: $0.55

Total left for this month: $343.82

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CalebNKylesMommy said...

I love being able to use e-coupons and paper coupons then stack those with a good sale. Great job!