Wednesday, February 11

Going Green!

In addition to trying to save my family money on groceries and household items, I've also tried to take us down a "greener" path. In the last few months, here are some things we've implemented in our household to reduce waste.

*reusable shopping bags: We have some cloth canvas ones from a local store and also some Baggu ones. I love how you can fold the Baggu bags down so small. I keep 3 in my purse and then I also have a carry-bag full for trips to the grocery store. Here is a post on Jane4girls about other types of reusable bags and a giveaway!

*cloth napkins: I bought a pack of 10 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond with one of their 20% off coupons. I also picked some up when Linens N Things was going out of business. We use them instead of paper napkins with meals and also for cleaning up small messes (and faces!).

*cloth paper towels: I actually use flour sack towels from Target. Their actual purpose is for drying glassware lint free. I absolutely love them! They are large enough that you can use each corner for a different purpose before you have to wash it. They are very light-weight, but also very absorbent.

*cloth diapers: We've been using cloth diapers for one year now--since DS was 4 days old. I love how DS never gets rashes and I actually look forward to diaper changes because his diapers are so darn cute. We've tried out lots of different brands and all different styles. Some of our favorites are BumGenius pockets, Fuzzi Bunz pockets, Thirsties AIOs, Goodmama fitteds, and PeanutButter & Ellie bamboo velour preflats.

*front load washer: When our top-load washer was on it's last legs, we looked into getting a front loader. They use lots less water in a wash cycle than a top-loader does. We ended up going with a Frigidaire machine, and I absolutely love it. It uses less water per cycle and I think it gets our clothes (and diapers) a LOT cleaner!

What do you do to be GREEN?

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BumGenius Cloth Diaper Fan said...

We figured we would do our part also to go "green". Since we have a large family, with a couple of young ones in diapers, we decided to go the cloth diaper route...and we are really glad we did. Not only does it reduce the number of disposables going into landfills, but it also helps save me money. I like.