Wednesday, February 11

Amazing Savings: Gap, CVS, Stride Rite, Maola, Walmart!

We went out for about 2 hours tonight, and boy, did we rack up!

In total, we got 2 gallons of milk, a King size Snickers candy bar, 5 Gerber onesies, an infant shirt, infant Gap overalls and matching hat, and a pair of Stride Rite tennis shoes, all for $25.90 out of pocket!!! We saved $50.54 for a total savings of 66%!

Our first stop was Baby Gap at the mall. DS turns 1 tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!!) and we had to grab him a birthday/picture outfit since we are taking him to have his portraits made at Sears in the morning. I had picked out an outfit that I loved a few days ago from Gap, but DH vetoed it. Well, he reconsidered and we went back to get it tonight, and guess what?!?!?! It was on sale!!!

Gap 2/11:
+ Gap Striped overalls $26.50 (marked down to $14.99)
+ matching bucket hat $12.50 (marked down to $8.99)
- coupons ($20 Gap Card reward)
= $4.25 out of pocket, $34.75 saved, 89% savings
Avg. cost per item: $2.13

Our next stop was Walmart to find a onesie to wear with the cute Gap overalls. We found those and also found a shirt that we had been searching for all week(the reason is a surprise!), and it was on sale!!!

Wal-Mart 2/11:
+ 5 pack Gerber onesies
+ surprise shirt $5.00 (marked down to $3)
- gift card $5.00
= $7.78 out of pocket, $7.00 saved, 47% savings
Avg. cost per item: $3.89

We stopped at Ross next. I had been there this morning and saw cute Stride Rite tennis shoes for $12.99 there. I almost bought them this morning, but decided I'd like for DH to see them first. He liked them, too! (I didn't mark any actual savings on these shoes because they were full price at Ross, but keep in mind Stride Rite shoes average costing about $50 at the SR store!)

Ross 2/11:
+ Stride Rite tennis shoes
= $13.87 out of pocket

The final stop was CVS. We needed some milk and I have tons of ECBs built up, so I decided to use some up. I added a candy bar to the mix to add up to enough to use my $7.98 ECB. DH appreciated it. :)

CVS 2/11:
+ Maola Skim milk gallon
+ Maola Whole milk gallon
+ Snickers king size candy bar
- ECBs ($7.98)
= $0.69 on gift card, $0.00 OOP, $8.10 saved, 100% savings
Avg. cost per item: $0.00
*Plus 4 coupons printed on my receipt! :)

Total left for this month: $261.80

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