Tuesday, January 20

A Trip Without Coupons

We ran into Food Lion a few days ago for a frozen pizza for dinner and a few other things on the spur of the moment, and came across some great deals. We managed a 46% total savings without a single coupon!

Food Lion 1/16:
+ 4 Tombstone 12" frozen pizzas (on sale, bogo)
+ 13 Food Lion Apple Juices 64 oz. each (on markdown for $0.92 ea)
+ 16 Campbell's Soup 15.4 oz. microwaveable (on sale, 10/$10)
+ 5 Smart One's invididual frozen pizzas (on sale, $0.49)
+ 1 Food Lion gal. skim milk
+ 1 box Food Lion graham crackers
+ 2 Gala apples (fresh)
+ 1 bag Santitas tortilla chips
+ Tax
=$51.04 out of pocket, $42.86 saved, 46% savings
Avg. cost per item: $1.19

We were so thrilled with this trip. We managed to buy 5 lunches for me, 16 lunches for DH, 4 dinner pizzas, and 13 big bottles of juice for DS -- and everything averaged only a little more than a buck a piece! And we didn't even use a single coupon. Wow!

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