Tuesday, January 20

11 Days Left...

How am I doing on my New Year's Resolutions? Well, let's review. These are the resolutions I set.
My New Year's Resolutions:
1 - Make a monthly budget and stick to it. (see below for January's goal)
2 - Limit impulse buying by discussing all $20+ purchases with DH first.
3 - Plan monthly goals for improvement. (see below for January's goals)

January Goals:
1 - Budget for food/household/eating out: $500 (basically this should cover everything except for routine bills and gas...will start with a high limit this month and try to work down each month of the year)
2 - Read more books to DS.
3 - Convert the dining room to a playroom for DS.
Well, so far I am sticking to the budget. There are 11 days left in this month and I have about $100 remaining from my $500 budget. There are a few groceries I know we need that probably won't wait until next month, and DS's birthday is less than a month away...it will definitely be close!

As for impulse buying, I have only bought one thing on impulse so far this month without talking to DH about it. It was cloth diapers...my weakness; 8 yummy bamboo velour PeanutButter & Ellie Molly preflats. I couldn't help myself. The only positive is that I paid for them out of my PayPal account which is funded by things I have sold on Diaperswappers, so it doesn't come out of my monthly budget money. Still, I will try to do better.

January's goals are going pretty well. DH and I are both reading more books to DS, which is great for all of us! As for the dining room to playroom conversion, some of DS's toys have been moved in, we bought 2 toy organizers at Target on sale that will serve as new furniture in the room and will be paid for by selling our dining room items, the dining room rug has been sold on Craigslist, and the other dining room furniture has been listed. We still need to sale the table, chairs, and cabinets.

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