Tuesday, January 20

Kroger Redeemed!

I wrote a post not too long ago entitled "Crappy Kroger" because although I had a very successful trip, my catalina coupons did not print and I left the store feeling very upset. As an update, I want to say that Kroger completely redeemed themselves. I emailed corporate Kroger and explained the situation. They kindly put a $10 credit on my Kroger card, which was worth almost double the value of the coupons I should have received. Yay!

A similar situation happened on a recent Harris Teeter trip: a $4 on-your-next-order catalina did not print for buying $20 worth of Gerber products like it was supposed to. I took my receipt to customer service where the manager took my information and told me he'd email corporate. I got a phone call the next day saying that corporate would be sending a $4 OYNO coupon as well as a $5 gift card for my trouble. I picked them up today! Yay!

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