Tuesday, March 31

Harris Teeter Triples Summary

Here's a breakdown of our trips to HT during triples week!

# of trips: 7
# of items bought: 144
# of items returned due to coupons not working right: 9
$ spent OOP (minus a return of $9.61): $103.84
$ saved: $250.77
% savings: 71%
So far we have earned 5 x $10 mail-in rebate catalinas and 15 FREE milk catalinas (well, 14 since we missed out on one, but I hope to get it by calling the catalina company!)

I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch, but if you included the $50 in rebate cards we will earn as soon as I send them in, and if you assumed we would buy the milk anyway at $3/gallon (a total of $45), then you could pretty much say that everything we bought during triples was free since our OOP spending was about $100 and these earnings would add up to about $95!

Crazy, huh?

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Together We Save said...

I wish I had a Harris Teeter near me.