Tuesday, January 27

Good Deal & Good Food

We eat out every Monday night with family/friends, and usually eat out with different friends on Friday nights. This past Monday night we got a great deal!

Mondays are family nights at Johnny Carino's so you can get the family-size portions for the single portion price, and you can also get unlimited soup or salad for 99 cents per person. There were 5 adults (and my almost one year old DS) who ate with us last night.

We ordered two family size portions--fettuccine alfredo and chicken gorgonzola pasta, 3 caesar salads, 1 house salad, 1 potato soup, and 4 drinks (plus 2 waters). Our total came to $35.70. We used a Restaurant.com gift certificate we had purchased back in November for $25 off a $35 or more meal (I got it for 80% off the purchase price which ended up being only $2!). With the GC, they automatically add in 18% gratuity, but still 5 people (really 6 because I think my DS ate as much as the adults!) were able to eat a sit-down, restaurant meal--which was delicious I might add--for less than $20 including tip and the price of the GC! There was even one leftover portion that someone got to take home for lunch the next day.

Since we typically pay separately for our meal or everybody adds in to pay the bill, we put in the GC and $5 that DH had in cash in his wallet, so the three of us were able to eat for only $7 total!

The $5 came from recent Craigslist sales and the $2 GC was purchased back in November, so this meal doesn't count against our monthly budget.

Total left for this month = $20.92

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